April 11, 2018
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Female Soccer: Girls are not Left Behind

WAF is the heart of women’s football around this world. Mostly this sports organization called Women’s Association Football (WAF) is supporting and organizing matches nationally and internationally across the globe. It has never easy to play soccer and be a professional sports person for women. Long ago in 1920 UK found amazing empowerment of women which included playing soccer too. But unfortunately, FA had immediately banned the action in the next year. These barriers proved them to stop there where they were initially. Can you believe it, in that time over 50k spectators came to see matches played by women? It happened in the UK in 20’s. Anyway, we will discuss the breakthrough and success of their spirit further in this article.

Professionalizing Women’s Soccer:

The numbers always prove the right of the deserving objects in this world. Imagine in the present day there are 176 nations are representing their women by their national women teams. It was Italy which country first made a move and professionalize a national women team in the 70’s. Though that was made for the part-time purpose, we could never underestimate the spirit and support. Next in 85’ and 89’ the nations the US and Japan respectively made the platform bigger and represented their women teams to the world.

Time being a witness to all, generations which came next have experienced the expansion of this. The moment came in 1999. Around 1.2 million tickets were sold for the World Cup and that was of women. Wow!

Legends Who are Inspiring Women and Men:

The deliberate approach of a sports person never fails. Maybe she could be underestimated for a long time, but the ignition cannot be surpassed. We will talk about top 5 legends who not only made women proud, but they proved also how co-operative a society could be. The names and few descriptions are followed.

  1. Marta (position: forward; nation: Brazil)

Brazil has given us both the men and women players of soccer who can be unbeatable in many formats of this                sport. Already Pele has shown the world his legacy, we still amazed watching him play. Now Marta Silva is                    proving herself to be the best soccer player on the earth right now.

  1. Mia Hamm (position: forward; nation: USA)

This star footballer has reached to 158 goals at the end of 2004. This player from the USA has proved how to                 achieve the top being women in this world.

  1. Michelle Akers (position: forward & midfield; nation: USA)

She is a game winner and also a living legacy. A forward and attacking midfielder from the USA has been the                reason behind World Cup winning. Also, she got a gold medal in Olympics of 91’.

  1. Birgit Prinz (position: Forward & midfield; Nation: Germany)

She used to be a tricky player in Germany, nobody could judge when she was going to shoot. Amazingly she has registered a special hat-trick award in Olympics. She has 282 club goals in her account. She took retirement at a certain age of 34, last eight years of her career were very strong comparing others.

  1. Sun Wen (position: forward; nation: China)

An awesome player from China who played international matches about 152 times. In the World Cup of 99’ she individually earned the awards of Golden Ball and Boot. She struggled winning big trophies in her career, still, she played very well and inspired others. A knee injury made her leave this sport.

Our heart will be full of joy when we will see women are not only taking care us in our homes, they are showing equal potential in other fields also. The moment this became challenging for the women in 1921 when authority banned their right to play, they started bringing more power into their hearts and finally, the world platform was dedicated to them.

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