April 11, 2018
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Surprising Win of Leicester City F.C…!!! Best Fairy-tale of Soccer World

English football clubs and among them whoever participate in the Premier League, these two bounds a strong area of football craze around the world. A club was formed long back in 1884 named Leicester Fosses and till date, the club is showing its potential to the football fans. A little change in their name took place, Fosses turned in City. This club was not getting to the top award of PL Championships. Besides they have won FA Cup for 4 different times, those were in 48’, 60’, 62’ and 1968. The present manager of the club and the coach as well, Claude Puel took over all the responsibilities after a fairy tale winning this club in 2016-17’s Premier League.

Journey to the Top!

The home stadium of this club is ‘King Power Stadium’, this often witnessed a sacrifice and sportsmanship of the players of the club. When the club moved in this stadium after the last stadium at Filbert Street, the fans and home club supporters experienced more thrill than before. At least 20 thousand people came in their stadium after they came to King Power in 2002.

  • An incredible tale went on and we saw the team standing against all the odds. The club almost drowned at the bottom of the list that year. Around hundred and forty days they were constantly at the bottom of the PL Standings.
  • We heard many were mocking Ranieri for coming to action very late in the place of Pearson. He already felt he was going to be sacked so early by the PL managers. All of these together could not make him crawl down from his aim.
    • What he did is like splendid, first of all, he made new targets for the team.
    • Feel the extinction of emergency, only 4 matches were left to close the season. yet they proved.
    • He made sure that the team acquires 40 points to reach the group stages fixtures of Champions’ League.
    • Lastly, he told us he never imagined his boys would finish it like this. His expectation never went out of possibility. But Leicester Boys never settled until they had secured the league to be entitled to them.

Celebration and Post Win Responses:

That Monday came in their lives like a super-thrill show of their entire life. That day Tottenham were taking on Chelsea. The London’s favorite Chelsea awaited their winning since they knew the 3 wins in next 3 games scenario of club Tottenham. Well, the standings were telling the truth, Leicester City for the very first time saw a hope. Chelsea couldn’t beat Tottenham that night, but it was a 2-2 draw. Hurray! Leicester boys went crazy, they never felt it would come like this, the whole football world experienced this tale with dignity.

  • Gary Lineker, a former player of City said he is the happiest person on the earth. The players of City were proving themselves to be on an edge of immortal sporting nature, he said it. One of the impeccable history of sports which is so underivable.
  • The president of FIFA’s world’s governing body, Gianni Infantino was mesmerized by the result of the show. He preferred this to call a fairy tale itself.
  • Data analyst of sports teams had also an opinion that this team was deservingly going to get a boost of 150 million euros for the title they had won.
  • Robbie Savage is a player of the team (midfielder), he said that the winning of Premier League title was possibly the greatest achievement among the domestic clubs and that was never going to be surpassed by anything.

A hurricane went passed through the history of football. The person Claudio Ranieri became the man for whom a team dedicated their victory. Only 6 clubs of UK managed to achieve this title since 92’ when this was declared as the topmost title of English soccer leagues. The invincible approach of the counter-attacks made this team a pure pot of bearing pains. Blue shirts have done the impossible possible on the verge of highest club competition.

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